About the Festival


This year’s Unusual Suspects Festival in London focuses on a Tale of Two Cities. The sessions that make up this year’s festival will be hosted by organisations all over the city, and will explore how some of the biggest social challenges facing London play out in relation to the two cities of London – whether in terms of economics, age, neighbourhoods, ethnicity and other major divisions. Throughout the festival, we will look at how technology, data and the arts can contribute to each of the social challenges we are focusing on.

A tale of two cities does not just mean a tale of two different London’s. We want to learn from, and include, experiences from other cities across the UK and the world through the work of Collaborate and SIX’s global network.

Whilst each of the sessions themselves will be unusual collaborations of people who wouldn’t normally meet and who don’t usually work together, the audiences will be unusual too. We will be bringing in stakeholders who are not usually engaged in these kinds of event or discussions. The audience will be diverse- both from different sectors, but also background and communities. From youth clubs to colleges to the private sector to co-operatives, the audience will not be the usual suspects.

About The Festival

What Happened in 2014?

28 Events

1500 Unusual Delegates


The 2014 London Festival featured 4 days of exciting events across London that explored how unlikely connections can create real social change. More than 35 different organisations came together to host 28 unique events during September 2-5, 2014 and saw over 1,500 people from 15 different countries participate and engage in the Festival.

The events ranged from a walk around Elephant & Castle exploring community engagement with redevelopment, to an event in the Houses of Parliament on how to create a movement for change, to a collaborative lunch that explored how Europe is using food to solve social divisions. Every session was unique and diverse and played to the strengths of our hosts, but all the sessions were designed to show the value of collaborating with different organisations.To see all of the sessions, see the programme booklet here. 

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