Identity Crisis: Brand v Reality- Pidgin Perfect at Unusual Glasgow

  • January 4, 2016

by Marc Cairns, Director at Pidgin Perfect

Our workshop at the Unusual Suspects Festival in Glasgow ‘Identity Crisis: Brand vs Reality’ offered a new discussion around the ongoing regeneration of The Barras in the East End of Glasgow.

At the workshop we were delighted to be joined by some familiar faces from The Barras including local traders (Randalls Market), residents, councillors and MPs (Alison Thewliss). Importantly, joining the discussion was a diversity of ‘unusual suspects’ which included artists, designers, strategists, …

Highlights from Unusual Glasgow

  • December 16, 2015

After the success of the Unusual Suspects Festival in London September 2014, we brought the Festival to Glasgow!

“Scotland was an obvious place to bring the Unusual Suspects Festival. In recent years it has established its global profile as a place unwilling to stand still and accept change, which has made the country a ‘must watch’ space. This, combined with a curiosity around new ways to approach long-standing problems, created a natural space for the unusual suspects.” – Eddy Adams …

The Trust at #UnusualGlasgow Part 5

  • November 19, 2015

By Claire Harris from the Young Foundation on the need to empower young people to lead on social change now, not just in the future…

What does it take to build a movement of young change makers?

This was the question posed to me at the Unusual Suspects Festival in Glasgow.

As I started reflecting on …

The Trust at #UnusualGlasgow Part 4

  • November 11, 2015

By Sophie Mullen, who sits on the Building Change Trust’s Tech for Good Group, helping us look at how we can use digital technology to improve people’s lives. She went with us to #Unusual Glasgow and found a strange mix of Meta-Design, Aeroplanes and Coffee…

Recently I had the privilege of attending a conference in Glasgow focused on social innovation, aiming to bring together a range of players in the social innovation field – from social enterprises and non profits, …

The Trust at #UnusualGlasgow Part 3

  • November 11, 2015

By Pat Colgan, former SEUPB Chief Executive

I owe my participation in the Unusual Suspects Festival 2015 in Glasgow to Nigel McKinney and Paul Braithwaite of Building Change Trust and John Peto of the Nerve Centre in Derry.

Along with six other members of the group, thanks to their initiative, Northern Ireland was well represented at the two day Festival of Social Innovation and Social Enterprise.

With a menu of 20 events over two days in locations spread across the …

How can metadesign strategies encourage greater collaboration in Glasgow?

  • November 11, 2015

By Meaghan McClure, Marie Elvik Hagen and Bruno Patias Volpi

A reflection of a workshop hosted at the Unusual Suspects Festival in Glasgow. This workshop explored how ‘metadesign’ can create new collaborations between innovative organisations and individuals, fostering networks and stimulating a practice towards change agency. Metadesign is a framework that encourages design to be re-designed and challenged. It is also about facilitating a co-creative process by giving interdisciplinary teams the tools, space and support to develop an idea.

Continuing discussions from #UnusualGlagsow: The future of social enterprise in Denmark and the UK

  • October 22, 2015

By Mathias Bruhn Lohmann

Last week, SIX curated the Unusual Suspects Festival in Glasgow. Working together with a wide range of local hosts, the event brought together both usual and unusual suspects for 20 events taking place in every corner of the city. As I attended one of the sessions Friday morning – the future of social enterprise in Scotland and around the world – I was once again reminded of the strong belief in, and growth of, social …

Is Social Innovation Community Development Rebranded

  • October 21, 2015

By Paul Braithwaite 

Social Innovation as a term has been around for a while – and the unnamed practice has arguably been around for centuries – but it has only recently entered our lexicon in Northern Ireland.

So it’s important to ask the question – is it just yet another piece of jargon, used essentially to describe what has until now been known as good community development work?

Or worse – is it a barely concealed agenda to commercialise the …

The Trust at #UnusualGlasgow part 2

  • October 19, 2015

by Mandy Cowden

Last week the Trust went on a study visit to Glasgow to learn more about Social Innovation at the Unusual Suspects Festival. Mandy Cowden, Community Social Work Broker at Clare CIC came along and here’s what she thought about it all…

It is not a label I had considered before but am delighted to now think of myself as an ‘unusual suspect’ after attending the Unusual Suspects Festival in Glasgow which was billed as an opportunity …

The Trust at #UnusualGlasgow Part 1

  • October 19, 2015

By John Peto

Last week the Building Change Trust went on a study visit to Glasgow to learn more about social innovation at the Unusual Suspects Festival. Here’s what Trust Director John Peto thought about it all…. …

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