Highlights from Unusual Glasgow

After the success of the Unusual Suspects Festival in London September 2014, we brought the Festival to Glasgow!

“Scotland was an obvious place to bring the Unusual Suspects Festival. In recent years it has established its global profile as a place unwilling to stand still and accept change, which has made the country a ‘must watch’ space. This, combined with a curiosity around new ways to approach long-standing problems, created a natural space for the unusual suspects.” – Eddy Adams

With youth clubs, artists, ex-footballers, universities, social enterprises, think tanks and the Scottish Government among some of the participants and hosts- we explored how we can work together in new and different ways to create real social change.

More than 35 different organisations hosted 20 unique events across the city for three days and we saw over 600 people participate and engage in the Festival.

The events ranged from playing the Glasgow Game, to planting trees at the Whitehall campus and developing a network of science gardens in the city, to debating different approaches to justice and rehabilitation. Participants heard music written by prisoners and worked with young people who are designing better futures for themselves.

See what happened in more detail: The Unusual Suspects Festival Glasgow – Highlights Report

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