How can artificial intelligence strengthen human relationships? (EN)

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무인자동차부터 고도화의 개인화된 서비스, 맞춤형 정치 캠페인까지 기계는 우리가 세계를 경험하고 상호작용하는 방식을 바꾸고 있습니다. 인공지능을 인간의 역량을 착취하는 것이 아니라, 증진시키는 방식으로 활용할 수 있는 미래를 어떻게 보장할 수 있을까요?
본 세션은 인공지능이 발달할 앞으로 10년의 미래의 모습이 그려보고, 인간의 관계에 어떤 영향을 미칠지 예측하기 위한 워크숍으로, 공동 창작과 미래 매핑의 방식을 통해 인공지능의 문화 및 윤리적 경계를 탐색하고, 더 나은 방식으로 인간이 표현하고, 공유하고, 서로 소통하기 위해 어떻게 인공지능을 활용할 수 있을지 살펴봅니다.

From self-driving cars to hyper-personalised services and targeted political campaigns, machines are transforming the way we experience and interact with the world. How can we ensure a future where machine intelligence is used to augment human capabilities rather than exploit them?


What is it?
This workshop is designed to envision what our next 10 years with AI could look like and its impact on human relationships. Through co-creation and Future Mapping, we will explore the cultural and ethical boundaries of AI and how it might be used to enhance the way we better express, share and communicate with each other.

Who is it for?
Anybody interested in the possibilities of AI! Whether you’re a tech-geek or non-expert in the field, this workshop is designed to be open and inclusive for all types of people, no matter their backgrounds or skills.

How do we do it?
1. Learn about examples of AI in everyday life
2. Identify a challenge/issue that’s keeping you awake at night
3. Speculate how that issue could evolve in 10years time
4. Co-create AI powered product/service that could address or solve your issue
5. Share your ideas with the rest of the group
6. Network (with your fellow human participants!)


Welcome  (5min)
Introduction (10min)
Overview: AI & human relationships / Exercise: Future Mapping (15min)
Discuss current affairs (5min)
Trend map 2018 (15min)
Envision 2028 (15min)
Prototype (30min)
Present (30min)
Conclusion (5min)
Network / event ends (50min)


Megumi Koyama 
Megumi is a service designer at Social Innovation Exchange. With Innovation Management training and graphic design background, Megumi is interested in how design and technology can be used to foster civic engagement and empowerment. She has recently graduated from London’s Central Saint Martins MA Innovation Management programme exploring how service design activism can demystify the black box of Big Data.

Joon Sang Baek
Dr. Joon Sang Baek is an associate professor at the Department of Human Environment and Design at Yonsei University and the director of DESIS lab at Yonsei. His research areas include design for social innovation and sustainability, service design, and nature-inspired design. His current research focuses on understanding and designing for collaborative services.



SIX logo

식스(SIX, Social Innovation Exchange)는 상호간의 가치와 관계, 지식을 연결하는 글로벌 사회혁신 기관입니다. 경험과 지식의 교류를 통한 사회적 변화를 위하여 공공과 민간, 시민사회를 연결하는 의미있는 대화를 촉진하며, 사회혁신가 개인 및 기관의 역량강화를 위한 맞춤형 워크숍 프로그램을 기획하여 진행합니다. 또한 식스의 경험과 네트워크를 활용하여 사회혁신 분야의 확장 및 발전을 위한 사회혁신의 흐름을 공유하거나 스터디투어를 진행합니다

SIX is a social innovation exchange built on mutual value, relationships and knowledge. We work globally to facilitate purposeful cross-sector conversations, that challenge and inspire people to use innovation to increase social impact.


연세 데시스 랩(Yonsei DESIS Lab)은 백준상 교수가 이끄는 연세대 내 디자인 리서치 랩으로 디자인 리서치와 실행을 통해 복잡한 사회적 문제를 해결하고자 합니다.
DESIS Lab at Yonsei is a design research lab located in Yonsei University in South Korea. Led by Dr. Joon Sang Baek. It aims to tackle complex social problems through design research and practice.


Funded by the Korean Ministry of Education’s University for Creative Korea project, the Yonsei Center for Social Innovation at the Yonsei International Campus aims to become the premier institute that empowers undergraduates to develop meaningful social impacts.


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