The future of social enterprise in Scotland and the world

  • Friday, 9th October 2015
  • 10:00am to 12:00pm
  • 6 Argyll Chambers at 34 Argyll Arcade, Buchanan Street, G2 3BW

This session will examine the role of social enterprises in Scotland and will explore the role of the sector, whether there is room for any more and how can they work together better?

All over the world, the growth in social enterprise has meant that many services that were traditionally provided by the public sector and now provided by social enterprises. And with over 5, 000 registered enterprises employing more than 112,000 people- Scotland is no different. According to the recently launched SE in Scotland: Census 2015 carried out by Social Value Lab, the majority of these social enterprises are in the arts/cultural sectors, or community amenities and many of them are very small – 60% have a turnover of less than £100k, and 30% less than £25k.

So with the sector likely to continue to grow, what is the role of social enterprises in the future of Scotland? Is there room for anymore? Is all business good business? And who holds social enterprises to account? How do they collaborate? Given the changing role of the public sector, how do social enterprises see themselves in the future – as a set of delivery bodies for public services, or something more?

Lead contributors – This fishbowl discussion will be run by Eddy Adams, advisor to SIX, and is designed to engage the ‘usual’ social enterprises in a more ‘unusual’ and reflective conversation. We are inviting some of Scotland’s leading social enterprises to join with community organisations, public sector representatives and communities for different kind of discussion and debate.

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