Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Unusual Suspect Festival?

    The festival is a forum for candid discussion, new ideas & inspiration. It is a space where new connections are created and old ones are reframed. Most of all it is a space to think the unthinkable and to explore what comes from new conversations & connections.  

  • What do you mean by Unusual Suspect? How do I know if I am eligible?

    The Unusual Suspects Festival is open and free to anyone and everyone. We believe that every person in society is an unusual suspect and has something to offer to the event. Whether you are a community organisers, or working for a big corporation, the festival depends on a variety of opinion, different perspectives and lived experiences.  

  • Is there a theme for the Festival?

    The theme of the festival is unlikely connections for social change. We strongly believe that even sharing a conversation with someone who views the world in a different way to you, can help build empathy and positively change the way you think and work. We see that there is a lack of this across the world.  

  • Do I have to pay to join the Festival?

    No. All the festival sessions and events are free to attend and participate in.  

  • What are the benefits of being part of the Festival?

    The festival can benefit different organisations in a number of different ways, but some of the key benefits different people and organisations are:

    - Inspiration
    - A chance to showcase work to a wider national and international audience
    - Offers a safe space for experimentation, as well as exposure to social innovation in a non (threatening atmosphere)
    - A sense of purpose and belonging
    - The opportunity to do a ‘passion project’ in their local area (something that they might not ordinarily have the chance to do)
    - New potential collaborations
    - Connection to the world of social innovation
    - A chance to test and receive feedback on their current projects  

  • Who can I meet in the Festival? What kind of participants?

    The festival is made up of a variety of different partiicpatns form different sectors. In past festivals we have had participation from:
    - Grass roots, communtiy organisaitons
    - Local government
    - NGOs
    - Architects
    - Academics
    - Business
    - Artists
    - Social innovation practitioners
    - Social enterprises
    - Researchers
    - Designers
    - Foundations  

  • What are the procedures of being part of it?

    Information will be available on the website soon!  

  • Can I deliver a programme/workshop that I have done before? Or do I need to prepare a whole new programme/workshop?

    The festival application process allows for both of these. If you have something prepared that you would like to test out, then you are more than welcome. Likewise if you want to develop something new, then that is fantastic. We can also help in designing and structuring of your proposed session.  

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