London 2017

Unlikely connections for social change

There is a palpable sense of frustration and powerlessness within the city, and it is something that arguably unites all Londoners. The festival provided an opportunity to debate, question and ultimately shift systems and dynamics of power within the capital.

Following the recent tragic events that have taken place in London we need new types of community more than ever.We must find resilience and hope amongst each other in turbulent and dark times.

With 20+ sessions and 30+ partners (ranging from the GLA, to Alternative UK, to Poet in the City, to The Calthorpe Project, to Seoul Metropolitan GovernmentThe Webb Memorial Trust), both local and international, the festival offered a wealth and variety of experiences, perspectives and new collaborations.

The key themes that emerged were: belonging/identity, empowerment and collaboration.


In order to encourage and create meaningful conversations around some of society’s most pressing challenges,  it is vital that voices in society feel empowered to contribute and make a meaningful difference.


Belonging/ Identity 

We invited old and new friends to talk about what makes us feel at home, wherever and whatever home is, exploring identity, language and culture.


Together we explored how collaboration and working together in new, exciting and different ways can help us to solve some of society’s biggest challenges.

What People Said 

“Belonging in London means having a sense of ownership over the city. The city is yours, you are part of a community, you are respected for who you are, and you can be who you are.”

Matthew Ryder (Greater London Authority) 


“London is like a adoptive mother of mine. It takes in all these children from different countries and embraces all of them.”

CAMILA MARIN RESTREPO (Truth, Memory and Reconciliation Commission) 

“As a result of my involvement in the festival, I will commit as a civil servant to make the unusual more usual.” 

ALBERT GARCIA MACIAN (Mollet del Valles council) 

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