Unlikely connections for social change

A three-day festival of ideas, solutions and debate exploring what happens when social innovation meets collaboration and how together we can meet some of society’s most pressing challenges.

Festival schedule


Bringing together the ‘unusual suspects’

Individuals and organisations from youth clubs to ‘do tanks’ to international organisations – who are making real social change happen by working together in new and different ways.

Blending International Expertise and Local Thinking

Blending international expertise & local thinking 

International and UK practise and innovation blend expertly in a collection of interlinked events that draw out the ways in which collaboration and social innovation can work in sync.


Encouraging people to work in new ways

Together we explored how collaboration and working together in new, exciting and different ways can help us to solve some of society’s biggest challenges.

What People Said 

Testimonial 1

“The Unusual Suspects Festival reflects the kind of challenges we are all facing and helps us find new and innovative ways to help society at large.”


Testimonial 2

“It’s so exciting to see people wanting to make things better, passionate about making a change. The Unusual Suspects made that happen.”


Testimonial 3

“Through the festival I’ve been able to collaborate with a lot of people who I’ll be able to connect and work with again in the future.”


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