About the Festival


The festival was all about sparking new connections, reframing old ones and finding innovative ways to tackle chronic social problems. We ran our first one in London 2 years ago, and replicated the model last year in Glasgow. The Festival aimed to connect people doing social innovation, but who didn’t necessarily identify as ‘innovators’ – our Unusual Suspects – with the social innovation community, facilitating collaboration across silos and traditional boundaries.

In October 2016 we brought the event to Northern Ireland, supported by the Building Change Trust, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Department for Communities. The Festival provided a platform to help kick start Building Change Trust’s new Social Innovation Strategy for Northern Ireland.

We were in two cities in Northern Ireland, kicking off in Derry~Londonderry for 1.5 days on the 12th of October and then moving to Belfast for 1.5 days and we ended on the evening of the 14th of October.

About The Festival

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