Unusual conversations

In 2018, we took the Unusual Suspects Festival model out of the UK for the first time, to Seoul City.

SIX has had on a long journey together with Seoul City. When Wonsoon Park became the Mayor of Seoul 6 years ago, we co-curated SIX Summer School with Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Institute and Hope Institute, bringing together 400 people to explore how cities such as Seoul can support civic and social innovation. And since then, the city government has fostered social innovation across Seoul, successfully positioning itself as a “social innovation city” globally.

While the scale of activities and events have grown, there was a growing concern that the actors and organisations part of the social innovation movement stayed disconnected. Our partners, C. and Seoul Innovation Park wanted to bring The Unusual Suspects Festival to Seoul to connect different parts of the social innovation ecosystem and bring diversity to the conversations. 

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The following collection of essays, stories and articles are in Korean.

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